Bring It On The Musical

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The pictures you see here are my work designing, developing and implementing a method of wireless digital LED control in WAAPA's (Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts) 2016 performance of Bring It On The Musical. The controller i designed is compatible with a huge range of digital LED products such as LED panels, strip, string, festoon, etc. Being compatible with standards such as WS2811/2 (plus any other NRZ [Non-Return-to-Zero]) digital LED protocol and having an easy to reprogram micro controller firmware means that the system is flexible enough to be re-purposed for a varity of different situations. The wireless system that its uses is Wireless Solutions WDMX. The reason for this was that it is an industry standard of wireless lighting control, its known for being extremely reliable and having very good channel hopping within the 2.4ghz spectrum.